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Common rosacea triggers include sunlight, hot drinks, alcohol, hot bath and exercise. 

Elite Wellness & Beauty Spa is committed to helping you look and feel your personal best by providing the highest level of medical grade cosmetic procedures. Each of our services is carefully designed to fit your unique needs, and our highly experienced staff is ready to support you every step of the way. Reach out today to learn more.


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    195 Canadian dollars
  • 1 hr

    110 Canadian dollars
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    Starting from $25

Rosacea is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, such as a compromised immune system, possessing fair or light skin, a family history of rosacea, or suffering too much exposure to sunlight. The first signs of rosacea can be subtle and may include occasional blushing or a noticeable redness of the skin. Over time, these symptoms can become more persistent and pronounced. Bumps, pimples, and enlarged blood vessels may appear, which gives your skin a rough, uneven look. At times, symptoms may be severe enough that the skin tissue of the nose becomes thick, swollen and bumpy.

  • * Mild (erythematotelangiectatic): Identified by facial flushing and redness, which may only be present at times. You may also experience some swelling, burning and stinging, roughness and noticeable red blood vessels. 

  • Moderate (papulopustular): This more-advanced form of rosacea is marked by persistent redness and pimple-like bumps that may be confused with acne, as well as burning and stinging.

  • Severe (phymatous): As mentioned above, rosacea may affect the nose, causing the skin tissue to thicken and become bumpy. This severe form of rosacea is called rhinophyma, and most often occurs when the condition is left untreated.

 *Elite Wellness & Beauty Spa only treats the Mild Type of rosacea.

The best success is usually achieved through a treatment plan that includes suppression and prevention, correction, and ongoing (lifelong) maintenance and management.

The GentleMax Pro Laser System is a powerful laser for treating vascular skin conditions such as Rosacea. This laser uses a high power green laser to target abnormal blood vessels and pigment with ultra-precision in the skin.

Elon Plus SRA (IPL) is a non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation using infrared light. The procedure is ideal for any part of your face, neck, or décolleté which show redness, and telangiectasia (tiny veins) or brown spots. It has been recommended for skin discoloration from sun damage and flushing symptoms from Rosacea.

1.    GenlteMax Pro Laser- targets the dilated vessels causing them to contract, and breakdown. The redness then dissipates and skin is left with increased clarity and balance

2.    Elos Plus IPL phototherapy–  essential maintenance procedure that diminishes background redness

3.    Sothys Immunescience Anti-Redness – this protective treatment soothes and calms skin from sensitivity, encouraging the strengthening of the epidermis

4.    Daily Advanced skin care – Sothys Clear & Comfort - Rosacea, Fragil Capillaries Skin Care. Must include sun protection

A consultation is recommended 48 hours before appointment. During the consultation, the medical aesthetician will examine the patient’s skin and specific areas of concern. The purpose of the consultation is to determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate for the treatment, or they would be better suited for an alternative rejuvenation treatment. Once it is verified that the patient is an ideal candidate, the practitioner will then design a personalized treatment plan specific to meet the patient’s individual needs. The exact amount of recommended treatments to obtain optimal results will be advised during the consultation. The provider will go over any preparatory treatment care plans as well as advise the patient on what to expect the day of treatment. 

Elos Plus IPL Procedure


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