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Spa Setting

Ioana Dobrescu

Just the best!!! I wish I discovered this amazing place earlier! Diana is amazing and the service top notch!!!

Spa Salts and Stones

Anca Ivanov

This girl is the best at what she does and you can trust me on this as it’s coming from one of most exigent clients. I had several services that I’ve used, recently got my eyelash lift and tint, amazing work. My favourite of al are the facials, my skin feels reborn after and Vela shape treatments Highly recommended!

Organic Beauty Products

Maria Gijiu

Diana is a gorgeous fairy! I have multiple services done by her and just started going to her regularly. I’ve never met anyone in this industry who’s so carrying, so soft at touch and so passionate about women’s beauty. There is nobody that I would trust like I trust her and nobody I would give my skin to as I blindly giver it to Diana, my angel!

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