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Elite Wellness & Beauty Spa is a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury designed to rejuvenate the body, strengthen the spirit, and gently eliminate the stresses of the day, inviting wellness and healing into your life. While our nourishing and revitalizing facials create beautiful skin, we also are lifting the toxins from your pores; as our aromatherapy massages restore you to tranquility and reawaken the potential for well-being.

Attaining beauty is no longer a mystery – it lies in the healthy body, mind, and spirit which Elite Wellness & Beauty Spa appreciates and extends lovingly to those seeking the better way.

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About Us

Welcome to Elite Wellness & Beauty Spa in Edmonton


“I love this business because I’m able to have full control over the products that I use, which are predominantly anti-aging , the culture I create, the level of service I provide, and the experience my clients receive. I want each of my clients to be raving fans of what I do! I promise that I will provide you with high quality products, focus on making your service fulfilling and memorable!

Elite Wellness & Beauty Spa prides itself on a high level of expertise in all services and I'm working to achieve the very best experience for my clients."


Spa Owner, Diana

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